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Since 2013 I’ve been designing high end packaging surfaces to deliver product message and brand philosophy in an aesthetically appealing way.

Case Studies

Beauty Brand Packaging

Pitch design for the packaging of a beauty brand dedicated to the reduction of wrinkles through the power of hyaluron acid.

Like in every other project I started by taking a deep dive into the industry to familiarize myself with the products and the market.


7 days

My Job

brand and packaging concept

comparison of current and new design

The brainstorming

I started to sort my thoughts about what matters most for the design of the new packaging. I needed to break down all the information to the two most important topics the brand is standing for.

As the product itself (cosmetical pads) looks really “medical” it was important that the packaging would reflect the aesthetic - treat yourself - side of the product.

Mood Board

Turning the brainstorming into a moodboard helped me dive deeper into the brand look and feel and define a broad color palette from which I could choose during the next steps.

warm, soft & tender

These words describe the delicate skin of ours but also the way the target group treats it.

confident, brave

The product leads to gaining more confidence.

The first packaging was made for a reusable décolléte pad. As this box is going to stay in the bathroom of the customer for a longer period of time it was important that it looks beautiful but doesn’t necessarily say what’s inside. A discrete packaging won’t let your house guests know about your beauty secrets. That is why I chose a paper sleeve for the retailer distribution channel.

The box is going to be opened and closed daily so the handling needed to be simple and convenient. I also wanted to give the customer the feeling of owning something precious so I opted for a packaging that opens like a jewelry box.
The graphic style element of the abstract wrinkles on the outside of the box changes to smoothened lines on the inside.

The customer smoothens the wrinkles while drawing the box open as the product does to the skin.

Style Elements

They reflect the main benefit of the brand - smoothening wrinkles - in an abstract way.

As distortion is also a design trend the patterns give the brand a state of the art look and they can easily be used on every design material as background elements.

Packaging 2

To have an idea of how the design would look like on a small container the second packaging is made for a night cream.

I chose a similar opening mechanism as for the other box to let the customer smoothen the wrinkles by opening the packaging. Again the main design element is the female illustration.

Redesign of a
wine label

Wine estate Trapl is based in West Styria. The family owned farm produces finest wines since 1765. The grapes are cultivated in a very traditional way
taking into account of the moon phases.

The winery is soon to be passed on to the next generation so a change in design was requested. As Fabian, the owner to be, is not your average farmer his young craziness had to find its reflection in the design of the new label.

My Job

Graphic Design,


Wine estate Trapl
from Austria

The Form

It was really important for me to visualize the generational change in the new label. As the wheel keeps turning I also turned the label on the bottle. The rhombic form is a nice distinguishing feature if the bottle is placed amongst others.

The Moon

Doing my research on some direct business competitors I found out that the key differentiation and biggest benefit of wine estate Trapl was the working with moon phases.
This found its way into the label design as a key style element with golden hot foil stamping.

The Figure

Trapl wines are already well known for the odd little figure on the label. Such a recognition value is holy in wine business so it was obvious that we had to keep the old man but revitalize him a little bit.
Like the winery he had to change his face and in this case he lost his whole head.

The Drawing Style

I chose parallel hatching, often used nowadays because of it‘s nostalgic look it is state of the art but also recalls ancient techniques of engravings and woodcuts. By redesigning the whole figure I could assure it to be scaleable for every corporate material to come.

Loosing ones head - The visualization of the effects of wine added the ironic twinkle which echoes the character Fabian, the wine owner to be.

The Sparkling Wine

Different content, different bottle, different label. For the Frizzante I had to fit all the information on one label. We had to change the rhombic form to the traditional rectangular one so I had to adjust the design. Just like the bubbly drink the design had to be a little bit bolder than on the fine wine bottles.

Packaging and Product Design for drinking glasses

As AMPELMANN Berlin has already been selling glasses for years they wanted to update their range with some fresh new design. By that time the wineglass-without-stem-hype started so I decided to follow that trend.

My Job

Concept, Graphic Design, Forms & Materials, Wording



The Glass Design

A classy and discreet glass design. Only the figures and some timeless lines as style elements to surround them. On the bottom a simple line „Made for late night talks“ to evoke a certain warm feeling.

The one you get when sharing some secrets with friends as the night passes while you have some glasses of whatever.

I adjusted the wording to the young, trend oriented target group. The playful touch is one of the brands core values.

The Packaging

As the AMPELMANN shops are packed with screaming, colorful products the packaging had to give the glasses a voice but still fit in with the discreet design.

Being able to design a part of the inside of the packaging was very special for me. I love to put little messages on places the costumer discovers at home whilst unpacking his new homies.