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5 years of designing merchandise products at Ampelmann Berlin provided me with specific knowledge about the whole product design process.

Case Studies

Designing a tea tin

My mission was to create a tea tin for AMPELMANN® in a Berlin vintage design with a nice, female look that catches the eye of every interior design addict.

As the German capital went through some hard times during the last century I chose the golden 20ies as my inspiration. A vibrant, positively loaded period of hedonism. The geometrical art deco style of this sophisticated era found its modern interpretation in my design pattern.

My Job

Concept, choosing the form, designing an Artwork for the surface, communication with producer


Ampelmann Berlin

The form underlines the vintage character of the tea tin and is perfectly stackable.

The process

Such projects usually come with a lot of back and forth in the communication with the producer.
After the design is finished and accepted by the client I set up a mock-up sheet for the producer. This contains all the needed information about colors, embossings, material and measurements.

Designing Phone Cases

Inspired by Techno - Designed with Love
In 2018 Marina Tureczek and I founded “Glitter and Techno”. A brand which reflects our deep love for dark electronic music and the Berlin club scene. We sell self designed products on our own webshop

My Job

Graphic Design,
Aquarelle painting


Glitter and Techno

For those who know

As you carry your phone with you everywhere you go lots of people see what case you put on it. The techno scene is still kind of underground so we wanted to create a design “for those who know”.

No big letters screaming “TECHNO”. We wanted something more subtile. So we opted for designs that show the feeling the music evokes in us in combination with a small graphic.

Dark Ocean Theme

For this theme I did some hand painted aquarelle artworks. The abstract background ocean and a jelly made it on the final designs.
For the third design I used a drone photography from my friend Ben Brühl.

The Graphic Elements

I designed some simple techno related graphics which had to function perfectly in a very small size on the bottom of every case.

"Wild" Theme

The second theme shows the colorful, funny, glitter part of the techno scene. It represents all the summer weekends in clubs and on festivals where people dress up as butterflies, cats or other creatures - spreading love and happiness.

I could finally get my hands dirty again as I did the marbling by myself with some colors and bowl of water.

Designing notebooks and planners

During my time at Ampelmann Berlin I designed a new stationery line and worked on our yearly cooperation with moleskine.

My Job

Graphic Design, choosing Materials,




Moleskine is internationally known for super nice notebooks, planners and much more. Customers know what to expect on the inside if they buy a planner like this. So my task was to give it an amazing look from the outside.

We went from a shiny blind embossing over a gold hot foil stamping to a copper hot foil stamping. Always following the trend but staying in the same monoline graphic style to keep the consistency.

What I did

concept, sizes printing options, artworks,
print ready,
proof check, communication with the producer

After years of selling the same stationery the company decided to invest in a new, more trendbased design.

A new stationery line

On the international trade fair for stationery, "Paperworld" in Frankfurt, we found the perfect producer. In close collaboration we decided over dimensions, materials and printing possibilities.

Geometrical Design Trend

As this was a whole new product group, I did a geometric abstraction of the AMPELMANN® Logo for the backside of every notebook. This makes the name a style element in the design and not an "in your face“ advertisement.

Made for Designers

My pride and joy is definitely the sketch pad. It's got everything creative minds are longing for. There is some heavy weight, rough paper for the inside, made for drawing the shit out of it.

The cover is a 3 mm thick brown carton which not only protects perfectly the inside paper but also gives you the feeling of holding an ancient book in your hands. In terms of usability, the spiral binding was something really important to me because you need your paper to lay down flat whilst drawing.


For the first time in history the "Pantone Color of the Year" was a blending of two shades so I knew that one of the books needed to get a nice gradient.

I couldn‘t use Pantone colors for the prints but I took over the blue-ish rose shades of the "Color of the Year" and interpreted them in my way.