The UX/UI and Webflow designer Alexandra Linortner
I love to provide ambitious people with the tools they need to start their business or level up their design.


Entrepreneur starter package

You have a great idea or product but need some design help to get started?

I can provide you with:

  • a design direction based on your brand values
  • the design and development of your website
  • the design of the first few Instagram postings
  • open data of everything I produced during the process.
  • a Figma and Webflow workshop so that you can develop everything further even after our collaboration.

I see my job as a first step towards an ever evolving brand identity.
Brand development is an agile process which doesn’t end when my work is done.

I am giving away open data of every project so that the client themselves or a new designer can adapt or continue the design process

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Website redesign for design driven brands

You started your business by using a website template?
Everything went so fast you haven’t been able to invest in a designer until now?

I love to level up your UX/UI game by helping you:

  • restructure & prioritize your content
  • develop a design direction
  • create a state of the art design
  • set everything up in Webflow and push it online
  • give you an introduction to Webflow so that you can easily maintain it on your own
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Webflow & Design advice

1.5 hours of Webflow and/or Design advice:
Book 90 minutes of my time to ask me anything. German or English.

This is for you if you are:

  • a designer having issues with a Webflow project
  • an ambitious business entrepreneur of any kind who is just starting out and can’t afford a designer yet. I can give you advice on how to create your own design direction / website / social media appearance.
  • A graphic designer or design entrepreneur who wants to learn about my process, the platforms I use, or the transition from graphic designer to UX/UI. I am happy to give some introspective!

Price: 150,- Euros

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A warm welcome to all the wildly passionate, forward thinking people!

I am Alex, a passionate creative, working in the industry since 2011. Most of this time I have spent in Berlin where I lead the design team of  “Ampelmann GmbH”. Simultaneously I started my freelance business before turning into a full time design freelancer in 2019.

Although Berlin was a huge source of inspiration for the last 7 years, I decided to move back to Austria in 2020 when the pandemic hit.

Now I am living at a lake near Salzburg, surrounded by Austrias beautiful mountains.

During the past 10 years my creativity manifested itself in different professional forms such as photography, pottery, graphic design, packaging design, product design, brand design, website and app design (so basically UX/ UI design) and Webflow design.

You can find a greater variety of my past work on my Behance profile but during the past 3 years I have been focusing on all things digital.

Packaging design by Alexandra Linortner
It is my greatest pleasure to work with like-minded souls who share my values:


I am passionate creative, a design enthusiast. You can find my heart and soul in every project.


Mindfulness, yoga and nature itself keeps my creative mind fueled. #slowliving


Learning new things on a daily basis. Believing in a world that is changing for the better.


A necessairy countermovement to a world of hyperstimulation and cognitive overload.


Working for myself, from wherever I want to. Making my own rules.


Supporting each other, creating community, providing people with the tools they need to be independent.
Do you feel me?
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